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Grandma Grace's Farm

And The Enchanted Kingdom of Jade Waters



Every morning, Hazel and her doll, Pepper, go for a walk on the family farm to feed the animals. One day, Hazel noticed that things seemed different. Being curious and disobeying her grandmother's orders, she went to check out the nearby creek to see what was happening. After a while, she lays down and falls asleep by the edge of the shore. She awakens when she hears a strange conversation between a beetle and a little fish, who are resting on her face. They both wonder what a strange place this is, when suddenly Hazel scares them when she sneezes. She befriends the fish, who was actually the "Prince of the Kingdom of the Jade Waters." He invites her to join him to get to know his Kingdom.


In this adventure, Hazel and Pepper will get to know the enchanted world that is hidden at the bottom of the sea. There, they will face a fearsome jellyfish! She will make many new marine friends that will come to Hazel’s aid along with the Prince. Hazel's family searches for her. Shortly, she will learn the secrets of the Farm lands. Daniel, her brother, awaits for her return home. He will share a revelation that will explain the mysterious adventure and may unravel the disappearance of her parents. Life on the Farm will never be the same.

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