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To create literacy and storytelling opportunities that allow children the freedom of thought, imagination and exploration through the "playful" and "whimsical" activities of childhood. In this way they can develop a secure foundation to mature with fullness and joy.


Our team  is made up of people of different ethnicities, cultures and come from various parts of the world. They have in common artistic gifts and their art reflects the soul of the literary work in a beautiful and unique way. There were no borders between us, despite geographical distance. The involvement took place through the imaginative, creative and inclusive context of the book Grandma Grace's Farm. The result is amazing! They have produced a fantastic work, in which the readers of this Enchanted World come out better and different from when they entered.

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Sandra Michelini

Founder & Creative Director

Sandra Michelini is a writer, wardrobe designer, journalist and producer, born in 1962 in São Paulo, SP, Brazil. She has dedicated her life to innovation and the arts.  Working since 1981 for the improvement of creative industry, her focus is mainly literature, entertainment and education. 

Saulo Adami


Saulo Adami was born in Brusque, Santa Catarina, Brazil, in 1965. He lives in Curitiba, where he works as a full-time writer,  screenwriter for documentaries, an editor and writing coach.  He also writes for theater plays and does articles for newspapers and magazines. Since 1975, he has been researching the Planet of the Apes films and TV series and has published six books on the subject.

Rafael Peña

Illustration Artist

I am an  Illustrator and a musician with countless artistic ideas. My father was an art teacher and a renowned painter, and so naturally he became my teacher from quite an early age. Most of my interests back in those days had to do with animals and nature. Guided by my father, I would draw and paint animals and all sorts of crazy characters.

Jennifer R. Hawthorne


Jennifer Read Hawthorne is an international speaker and award-winning author specializing in inspirational presentations. For more than 20 years, her insights, humor, and wisdom have provided enthusiastic audiences with both the motivation and the tools to achieve greater personal and professional success. She is also the editor of numerous best-selling books by other authors, guiding writers of all non-fiction genres through the process of bringing their work to publication.

Sunn St. Claire


Delivering a positive spin over feel good pop, San Diego based Singer Songwriter, SUNN serves up an energetic, sweet sound with simplicity and style. SUNN’s music is inspired by and illustrates a world with a more positive view. 

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Mariana Sumares


Mariana Sumares is an illustrator and voice actress, born in 1991 in Caracas, Venezuela. Since an early age she showed great interest in giving life to characters through animation and voice. Those around her would describe her as a creative and enthusiastic soul, passionate about her work and always eager to learn new things and making new friends everywhere she goes. She currently works as a freelancer and lives in Madeira, Portugal.

Prof. Theresa Reilly

Literature, Creative Arts & Education

If I were to try to encapsulate who I am in a few words, it would be a Lover of Learning. Throughout my life, I have enjoyed learning new things, pondering mysteries, and sharing my passions for a broad range of activities both academic and artistic. I have been a teacher in many capacities, especially at the preschool and elementary levels. 

Fabio Gavi


I am a musician, as well as a music producer, composer and arranger. I have been working for the advertising industry, composing and producing jingles, sound tracks and radio spots for more than 30 years. What moves me the most is my passion to create music for children. 

Fernando Navarro


Fernando Navarro is a Brazilian historian. He is currently living in Campinas, SP, Brazil, from where he also works as a  a screenwriter. Writing for movies and advertising  became his main activity. He is known for his artistic and sensitive mind and for his two series of documentaries produced by the renowned "TV Cultura de São Paulo", 

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Marcia Pennacchi


Marcia's extensive writing and editing experience includes books, journalism, magazines, technical documentation, events advertisiment, websites and social media.  Marcia holds a bachelor's degree in Communication, Advertising and Journalism at FAAP - Fundação  Armando Alvares Penteado, São Paulo, SP, Brazil.

Nicole Carino


Nicole is a Nashville-Based recording and voiceover artist, originally from Los Angeles. Her speaking and singing voice has been featured in commercials by some of the worlds' most recognizable companies. When she's not in the studio, she enjoys horseback riding and baking.

Bernadette Sobreiro


Bernadette Sobreiro is a producer and an editor. She was born in São Paulo, SP, Brazil.  Her passion for reading and writing gives her special skills that help her get involved in many parts of the entertainment business. 

Joan C. Bloomfield

Editor & Consulting

Retired Children's Librarian and Teacher, Joan was born, raised and educated in New York City. Her love of children and literature lead her to pursue a path in education.  As the children's librarian in Atascadero, California, she connected with schools and others in the community to bring cultural diversity to the library. Often portraying book characters, Joan's main focus was taking parents and children on adventures through literature.

Ton Presley

Animation Artist

Ton Presley is a freelance character designer and 2D animation artist, with experience on TV cartoon shows and advertising. He is currently living in Colombo, Paraná, Brazil. Ton is a dreamer artist, inspired by Disney/Pixar and old cartoon shows. Through his artistic work he wants to help create a better world.

Ana Célia Goda


Ana Célia de Mendonça Goda loves to read. In books, she finds characters, voices and worlds that awaken her feelings and leads her to reflections of many things. This is the way she is able to keep her mind and soul alive. Ana is an experienced editor, with 17 years working for one of the best publishers in Brazil. She is a freelance writer for several publishing companies.

Priscila Gomes


Priscila Gomes is a top performing Producer credited with 6+ years of production management for broadcast network and independent production companies. She has excellent management skills and is currently working with projects in pre-production, production and post-production.

Claudia D'cecco Z.

Art Director

Art Director, graphic designer and self-taught photographer, fashion designer and make up artist, studied architecture and dedicated herself to fashion, from a very young age she worked as a graphic designer and illustrator, and in 2017 she created MANDRILUS, her creative production company.

Caspar Menke


Caspar Menke has more than two decades of experience in web, mobile and server development. He has worked as a technical director on small and large development projects. He has created viable solutions for real problems in the automotive, banking, health and entertainment sectors. Caspar currently lives in São Paulo, SP, Brazil.

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Olha Taran

Illustration Artist

Olha Taran is a freelance illustration artist from Ukraine, born in the beautiful city of Kharkiv, in 1991. Her love for fine art was formed long before the elementary school, when her grandfather bought her first pencils. Olha creates illustrations for cartoon and 2D. Her main focus is children's book illustration and character design.


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