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and The Enchanted Kingdom of Jade Waters

Hazel lives with her grandparents, Grace, and Joe, on the farm, since the flood waters of the local river caused her parents’ accident. Her brother, Daniel, studies in the city near the Farm, and any time he can, he goes with his aunt Margaret to visit his grandparents and his sister Hazel. Grandma Grace’s Farm is a self-sustainable environment, which is very healthy, with an organic garden and many free-roaming animals, besides a rural school where Grandma Grace teaches Hazel and other children from the neighborhood.

It is in this setting that our story unravels. Although everything seems perfect, there was a place in the Farm that was filled with mystery. Her grandma kept its access gate closed, and it was forbidden entering or talking about the creek. There was where the sad accident happened, which forever changed the fate of the entire family. But in the morning when Hazel was waiting for her brother’s arrival, a strong gust of wind came out of the back of the creek, attracting Hazel. Curious, she went there with her doll Pepper, to see what was happening.

It was a warm day. She sat down to rest under an oak tree, and with the mumbling of the waters, she fell asleep. She was already dreaming when she was invited by a fish dressed as a Captain to meet the Enchanted Kingdom of the Jade Waters. Hazel dove deep in a magical world with shining fireflies, a huge frog that guarded the Kingdom’s Gate, carriages taken by electric fish, colorful and living pouffes, fishes of all colors, seahorses, sea lions, and the dangerous and very mean sea wasp, Jellyfish, the most poisonous creature in the world.

The Kingdom Gates hid the entrance to tunnels that led to the deepest areas of the ocean. There, laid a priceless treasure. The greatest reserve of oceanic oil in the world. It was the reason for many disputes. The Kingdom’s ancestries had been protecting this important source from their enemies for a long time, keeping it from ending up in evil hands. Jelly and the sea pirates were not part of that group. On the opposite, they planned to take over the Kingdom, and like that, control the world.

Jelly knew about the importance of the Farm in this dispute, because the Gates were in their land, and Hazel’s grandparents were its guardians. Feeling threatened by Hazel’s presence in the Kingdom, Jelly starts performing a series of attacks that will lead our hero to discover the mysteries of the Farm lands, and along to her brother Daniel, find out what truly happened to their parents.


Many new adventures are to come, and with the help of the Farm gang (Danny, Prof. Cob, Boris, and Sheriff), Hazel and Pepper will visit the Kingdom in other occasions and will go on expeditions to distant lands, as well as to other times in history, through the Porviroscope. Grace, Joe, and their friend Fiona will keep the Farm’s great secret alive: the path that leads to the enchanted world of imagination.

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