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Grandma Grace's Farm

Lead Character


Hazel, also called Button Nose when she was a baby, is a very special seven-year-old girl. She is curious and determined. She lives on the Farm with her grandparents, Grace and Joe. She is always trying to unravel the secret that surrounds the lands of the Farm which may reveal the whereabouts of her parents. She and Pepper, her doll and her best friend, do everything together. Hazel’s clever and imaginative mind allows her to strive for a better world. She has chosen to be homeschooled by Grandma Grace and feels happy with her small homeschool group. Her group of friends never made her feel ashamed for being with her doll. On weekdays, while her brother is in the city, attending public school, she spends time playing with the farm animals so as not to feel alone. Hazel’s good looks, which she inherited from her grandfather, include her beautiful tanned skin, dark hair, and hazel-colored eyes.

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