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Jelly, the Australian Jellyfish, is the most poisonous, lethal, and wicked of all jellyfish. Known as the sea wasp, she is considered one of the deadliest creatures on Earth, and her huge tentacles and transparency make her a beautiful yet fearsome creature. Her poison acts rapidly, causing victims to collapse, sometimes killing them within minutes. The ones who manage to survive remain permanently scarred. Jelly is not a pleasant creature, and it is also narcissistic, arrogant, and unfriendly. She acts in a vengeful way when she is contradicted, and completely annihilates the self-esteem of opposing fish, while destroying the reputation of others without mercy. Jelly hasn’t always been like this. Before the time of our story, she was abandoned by her family. Left alone in a hostile world to survive, she became embroiled with fish that served the pirates of the seas. These pirates roamed the oceans looking for a source of energy to be drawn from the depths. This led her to be severely punished by the elders of the Kingdom. Since then, she has been restricted to a very specific, almost lifeless region called the Aquarium, and she has turned into a lonely and aggressive jellyfish. From the Aquarium, she plans her revenge in order to control the Jade Waters, the main portal for the largest oil basin in the world.

Antagonist Character

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