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Grandma Grace's Farm

Season 1 - Episodes Concepts

Inaugural Episode (1): The Enchanted Kingdom Of Jade Waters *


Hazel, already adjusted to her new home, meets the Enchanted Kingdom of Jade Waters and faces the dreadful Australian jellyfish. In this adventure, with the help of her brother Daniel, she starts to unfold the secret of the Farm lands, which can explain the disappearance of her country.

Episode 2: The Revenge and Escape  *


Jelly, the archenemy of the Kingdom of Jade Waters, joins the immortal jellyfish Turritopsis Dohrnii and prepares a revenge, which will lead to the collapse of the Kingdom. Farm’s friends try to rescue the Kingdom from the oppressing forces of the deep waters.

Episode 3: Lost In The Amazon Rainforest *


Unable to free the Kingdom, Hazel, Daniel, Prof. Cob, Sheriff, and Boris look for Muiraquitas Magic Stone, the green stone from the Amazon Forest. The area was controlled by adventurers who scavenged the region in search of the Country of Green Stones, and it was guarded by many Indian tribes. The brave Guacaris were the only ones who knew the exact location of the Amazons. After receiving the plea for help from the Prince of Jade Waters, the brave warriors took Daniel, Hazel, and Prof. Cob to meet the Amazons. Sheriff and Boris, who got lost from the gang, arrived late at the tribe and waited there for their friends’ return.

Episode 4: In Search of The Muiraquitas Magic Stone *


The Amazons had to allow the Magic Stone, from the Moon Mirror lake, to be given to Hazel. The girl would take it to the Shaman, guardian of the boiling river, at the Southwest of the Amazon, the only place that can imprison the dreadful jellyfish Turritopsis Dohrnii. The group of ancient Amazons gathered to discuss a request, which led the stone that protected the Amazons outside of its territory. The attack to the Kingdom of Jade Waters endangered many fish species, all of them necessary for the forest’s ecosystem to survive. Facing the severity of the situation, the Amazons agree to the request of the warrior, and father of their heir. 

Episode 5: Amazon and The Forgotten River of Boiling Waters *


Daniel and the Prof. Cob were retained at the land of the Amazons as a guarantee. Hazel, the doll, and the brave Guacaris warrior, taking advantage of the water currents during that time of the year, at tropical South America, reach the emerald-colouredlake, surrounded by white sandbanks. There, with the help of the animals of the wood, they take the magic stone to the Shaman who guards the River of Boiling Waters, Shanay-Timpishka, also known as La Bomba. The Shaman agrees to offer the river to imprison the immortal jellyfish, Turritopsis Dohrnii. They go back to the Kingdom to negotiate its freedom in exchange for the magic stone. The immortal jellyfish needs the stone’s power to remain beautiful despite her age.

Episode 6: The Release of the Kingdom and Return to the Farm *

At the next morning after reaching the river of boiling waters and receiving the stone under the condition that she remains imprisoned, jellyfish Turritopsis Dohrnii authorizes her followers to free the Kingdom. Without the power of the monstrous and immortal jellyfish, the deliverance of the Kingdom was only a matter of hours. Hazel and the doll awaited for the oppressors to leave to help reestablish everything in the Kingdom.


Thinking that she could escape the waters of the boiling river, the monster tries to escape, but she can’t resist the temperature of the river waters and dies while trying. The warrior, with the help of the Shaman, recovers the stone and returns it to the Amazons. They celebrate the occasion to the Moonlight, while the stone is returned to the river. Daniel, Prof. Cob, Sheriff, Boris, Hazel, and the doll return to the Farm to celebrate their accomplishment.

* All episodes begin and end in the Farm.

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