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Grandma Grace's Farm

Supporting Character




Daniel—or Danny, as his sister Hazel likes to call him, is a skinny 11-year-old boy, with beautiful green eyes. He divides his time between school, in the city where he lives with his Aunt Margaret during the week, and the Farm, where he spends his weekends, school vacations, and occasional holidays. Daniel loves being on the Farm, where he can see his sister and take care of his twin goats, Luiza and Leo. He is interested in nature, the meaning of life, alternative energy sources, and fantastic creatures—all typical things for intelligent children. Peter, his cousin (whom you’ll meet in a future story), is his companion in all adventures and quests planned by himself and Professor Cob. The three of them, along with Hazel and her doll, Pepper, form an expedition party in the attempt to unravel the mysteries of the Farm lands.

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