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Supporting Character


Fiona Jones is a favorite of everybody on the Farm. She has a strong and fun-loving personality. Born to a big family from the South, Fiona started cooking at a young age. In order to help her family, she began packing lunches to sell when she was seventeen. Today, she is an accomplished chef who cooks divine meals for an infinite list of clients in many cities of the country. She loves her friend Grace’s family, which she adopted as her own. As often as she can, she spends summers on the Farm, testing new recipes, resting, and playing with the children. Fiona cooks meals of indescribable flavor, which she prepares slowly on a wood-burning stove every day. The Farm’s kitchen is full of picturesque bottles of palm oil, as well as chili peppers, pestles, iron and clay pots, and wonderful wooden spoons, which Fiona brought from the South. Fiona is helping Grace to become the best local organic farmer, so she may be able to support her grandchildren.


Grandma Grace's Farm

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