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After defeating the immortal monster and getting to know the secrets of the Amazon Forest, the Farm gang comes back home and finds a grandfather's book, which tells the secrets of the people of the desert, who escaped persecutions and took refuge at the Brazilian Northeast.


Prof. Cob is able to develop the Porviroscope, an equipment that will guide them back to the time of D. Pedro II’s reign, in Brazil. There, they will get to know the great personality of the Brazilian king and the magic power of the nomadic people of the desert.

The gang wants to learn how to protect the Farm's land, making it invisible to the Farm's inimies.



A great flood punishes Grandma Grace’s Farm. The chicken stopped laying eggs, the cows are no longer producing milk, and the entire organic garden was taken by the flood. It is holiday time, and there is nothing to do. Bored, Hazel leaves with her doll to look for the neighbor’s new dog, who ran away, scared from the thunder. Daniel and Prof. Cob take the Porveroscope and search for Hazel, who also disappeared while she helped with the dog searches.

While using  the Porviroscope to time travel, Daniel tries to return to the day of his parents’ accident, when the deep waters took their car. He wants to find out what happened to his dearest parents. He believes Jellyfish is involved in both disappereance.

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